Confessing Regrets Exit Cells, Gayus Crying in Court

Senin, 15 November 2010

Jakarta - Gayus Tambunan Tears spilled at the South Jakarta District Court, Jalan Raya Ampera, Monday (11/15/2010). Convicted mafia and money laundering laws that make a scene that claimed to regret having come out of custody. "I apologize profusely, my departure from custody I do not think the consequences will be so big," said Gayus in front of the South Jakarta District Court judges. Gayus says that after a judge ordered prosecutors to strictly supervise Gayus. Gayus says, then he just went along just out of prison because of all the inhabitants crease of five people were also out. Ex-Employees of the Directorate General (DG Taxation) admitted to stress.

"From my time in the Mako Mobile Brigade, there were five prisoners, all out. I just joined, I just want refreshing, I stress, ma'am," said Gayus. Gayus hoarse voice began to change. His eyes were watery.

Gayus then went on his words. This time, Gayus tells about the feelings kangennya in children and wife at home. "I just miss the same kids, same wife," said Gayus uncontrollably.
Gayus said, so far, he does look relaxed and have no regrets. But all that said just a mask. Deep down, Gayus felt very sorry.

"I'm sorry, I'm sad, I do not want others to know what I feel. I wrap it," said Gayus who berkemaja batik shirt.

Chief Justice also stated kekecewaanya Albertina Ho on "the streets" Gayus out of the cell. Albertino also hope Gayus learning with past events.

"This could be learning," said Albertina.

Gayus hope, the judges could decide his case and be fair. "I am ready to undergo the next trial," said Gayus end response. And Gayus was wiping tears from his eyes with his back of his hand.

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Air mata buaya gan .. :D
mana ada orang menyesalnnya di depan pasti di belakangan ...

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Gayus" ..
maunya exis terus ..

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Emang dasar Gayus...
@_@ Selalu tampil dgn gayanya ^_^

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dasar gayusss ...

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Memang begitu sifatnnya gan
so jadi raja

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