Gene Cause Male Found Infertile

Kamis, 30 September 2010

London, cause of infertility in men is influenced by many things. A study found one cause of infertility in men who have not been revealed is the result of gene damage.

Scientists from the Pasteur Institute in France and University College London, reveals that these results could help doctors investigating the cause of battery-men become infertile.

Some other causes are known, as a result of abnormal sperm, sperm less active and disturbances in the number and sperm production.

In this study, obtained the NR5A1 gene mutation found in a small proportion of men who experience infertility (infertility). The results of this study have been reported in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

In most cases, doctors can not find the cause of infertility in men. Although it is known that these couples have difficulty conceiving.

Infertility in men appear to be more common in certain families, so scientists believe that there are genetic factors in some cases.

Recent studies show the existence of genes already known to be involved in sexual development of male and female, the gene NR5A1. Thus defects in this gene have been associated with physical defects in the development of testes or ovaries. Gene defect is likely to hamper one's ability to produce sperm.

Researchers see genes of 315 healthy men, but no known cause of its inability to produce sperm. From this group found the gene mutation and some men experience changes in sex hormone levels. While one case known to have mild abnormalities in cellular structure of the testes.

"We have concluded that about 4 percent of men are infertile but otherwise unknown cause, has a mutation in the gene NR5A1," said the researcher, as quoted by BBC News, Friday (01/10/2010).

Meanwhile, Dr Allan Pacey, a senior lecturer in andrology at the University of Sheffield, warned that the sperm production process is very complex, so there are likely many genes involved. Therefore, there may still be other gene defects are found and associated with infertility.

"Although the gene defect affects only a small portion of men, but the need to conduct further research to find out the answer and may one day be able to build a strong diagnostic tests for fertility problems based on genetic," he said.

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